Take your business to the next level!

Let’s make MORE money with your craft.

Writers, bloggers, artists, crafters, and creatives: This guide is your step by step plan to increasing your creative income today.

Make More Money With Your Craft

Show Me How to Increase My Income

How to Make MORE Money With Your Craft is a deep dive into all of the ways that creatives make money. It’s jam-packed with information, tips, as well as links to numerous money making resources.

Whether you are a writer, blogger, artist, crafter, or all around creative you’ll learn:
  • How to price your products and services correctly.
  • Where to find jobs and, above all, how to land them.
  • How to manage your sales and your time.
  • Where to sell your products and services.
  • Moreover, how to increase your overall income.

Tell Me If This Sounds Familiar…

You’re a writer, and can only find low paying writing jobs.

You’re a blogger, and can’t seem to make enough money with your blog.

As an artist/Crafter, You don’t know how to make more money with your work.

Make More Money

I get it, making money as a creative is hard.

I completely understand the frustration that comes with working hard at your craft, and not making enough money. I’ve been in your shoes, and there is a better way.

In my guide I will show you how, and where, to send writing and art submissions. I will also teach you how to make money blogging. In addition, I will show you how to determine your product and service rates. Furthermore, I will give you creative product and service ideas to help you grow your business, and increase your income.

Do you want to make MORE money with your craft?

Here is What I Cover…

Bloggers & Writers Will Learn:
  • The different types of writing jobs that are available.
  • How bloggers and writers make money.
  • All about landing a writing job.
  • How to write a query letter.
  • Where to find writing jobs.
  • How to determine writing rates.

Artists & Crafters Will Learn:
  • The different types of creative fields to work in.
  • How artists, crafters, and creatives make money.
  • All about passive income.
  • How to manage sales and time.
  • Where to sell products and services.
  • How to price products and services.

In Addition You will Receive:
  • A resource list with links to companies/blogs/magazines that accept writing and art submissions.
  • A resource list outlining places to sell your products and designs; including print on demand, craft fairs, trade shows, and art licensing agents.
  • My extensive “Product Ideas for Creatives” list to inspire you to create a new product, and increase your revenue.

Are you ready to invest in yourself, your craft, and increase your creative income today?