What is printable art? (Cards, Planners, etc.)

Printable art is high-resolution art that you can print at home, or through a printing service. Printable art is affordable art, and a great way to update your space seasonally. Printable art also makes for great gifts.

What are digital products?

Digital products are products that exist in digital form. They are typically files that you download, and open/use, with the recommended software. Digital products are not physical products. All of my printable products are digital products.

What are TEmplates?

Templates are digital products/files that you can alter or modify in the recommended software.

What are the steps for buying/printing printable art and other digital products?
  • Find a piece of art, product, or project you like. Then purchase it through my secure online store.
  • Download your purchased file through the link that is provided to you on your confirmation/checkout page, or the link sent to you via email.
  • Open the file, with the recommended/suggested program, and use/print.
  • Please note that my printable art, and digital products, come as a digital file. You will not receive a physical print, card, envelope, product etc. by mail.
what are the recommended software programs?

Most of my products are available in zipped folders – for example FileName.zip. I recommend that you use a computer to access them. When you click on the product download link, your computer should download the .zip file and save it to your computer. To unzip the .zip file and access your products: find the .zip file, right click on it, then select extract all. Mac users can double click the .zip file and the unzipped items will appear in the same folder as the .zip file.

Some products do not come in zipped folders. If this is the case, click on the product link provided and your computer will ask you what program you want to open the file in. If your computer opens the product file in your web browser, make sure to save a copy of the product to your device.

Following are program recommendations/suggestions. Depending on your computer, you may be able to open some files in a web browser or with a different program than is recommended/suggested.

  • PDFS – Adobe Acrobat. Can often open in a web browser as well.
  • JPEGS – Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint. Can often use other photo editing programs/software as well.
  • AI and EPS – Adobe Illustrator.
  • PNG – Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint. Can often use other photo editing programs/software as well.
  • EXCEL – Microsoft excel.
  • GOOGLE SHEETS – Google email/account. Open the link in a browser, then sign in to your Google account.
  • CANVA TEMPLATES – Canva. All Canva links (and templates) can be opened in Canva with a free Canva account.
  • BRUSH and BRUSHSETS – Procreate 5.2.9 (iPadOS 14.4 or newer)
    (see individual product listing for updated Procreate version information).
Printing Tips
  1. All of my printable work (unless specified otherwise) will fit/print on a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper.
    (For larger formats, you can choose the “scale to fit media” setting if you want the print to fit on one sheet of paper.)
  2. For the best results make sure you select the highest quality setting on your printer and use photographic paper for any photography work. Light-weight card stock can be used for greeting cards and gift tags.
  3. Printed colors may appear slightly different from the colors on your screen. Colors may also vary from printer to printer. Try switching between matte or glossy paper if you are unhappy with the results.
  4. If colors seem to be missing on screen for pdfs, check the settings in your pdf reader. In Adobe Acrobat: navigate to Acrobat’s Preferences from Edit > Preferences > Accessibility and check if the checkbox ‘Replace Document colors’ is On or Off. This and changing the background color by going to Tools > Pages > Background should fix any problems.
  5. Some files may include crop marks at the corners. These are for you to use as cutting guides and are usually on pieces without borders.
  6. Select portrait or landscape mode depending on your piece and be sure to choose the “print actual size” option.
  7. You may also send or bring your files to a printing shop.
Cutting Tips
  1. Most products do not require any cutting.
  2. All of my files come with crop marks when necessary. (If they do need cutting.)
  3. Simply use a pair of scissors, ruler and craft knife, or a paper cutter to cut your item to size.
What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of digital downloads, all sales are final. Should you have any questions or problems with your file, please contact me and I’ll be happy to assist you. If you are unsure about making a purchase, join our Freebie Library Club for access to our library of free products.

Where is my link?

Your download link should appear as soon as you place your order. All download links are also emailed to the email address you provide immediately upon process of payment. Be sure to check your spam folder. If you created an account, you can also find all of your download links by signing into your account at My Account. If you still can’t find your download link, contact me and I’ll send you a new link.

What if my link doesn’t work?

This shouldn’t happen. However, in the unlikely event you can’t download your file, or if you received the wrong file, please contact me and I’ll work with you to solve the problem.

Where do Members Access Their Products/Links?

When logged into their accounts; Free Library, Annual Members, and VIP Members can download and access their files immediately from each product page.

*Freebie Library Membership files can be found in my Freebie Library
*Annual and VIP members can access all digital products for free in my Shop

When you click on the “Download” button, the file should pop up in a new browser window and download immediately. Check the file/folder where your computer auto stores downloads. In most cases the folder is labeled “downloads”.

Do My Links or Products Expire

Links and products can be used multiple times and do not expire. They are yours to use for as long as the product is available, and this website is up and running. However, we are not responsible for replacing lost files after 30 days from purchase. So make sure that you download and save your files to your computer.

If you joined my Annual or VIP Membership, you have download access to your files for as long as you are a member and this website is up and running. Annual and VIP Memberships are not transferable, can not be purchased for free (for other individuals) with your membership, and can not be shared among multiple individuals.

We reserve the right to remove, update, or modify products if we deem necessary.

Can I use your printable art for commercial purposes?

My printable art, projects, and digital products are intended for personal use only unless specified otherwise. (Commercial use/license products are clearly labeled on each product page.) You may print extra copies as gifts for friends. However, you may not share the download file links, or use any of my work on the internet or for commercial purposes. You also may not resell purchased or freebie files. (With the exception of files clearly labeled as PLR-Resale.) I retain all rights to my work and downloads. If you’re interested in using my non commercial work for commercial purposes, please contact me to discuss.

Do your greeting cards have messages inside?

All greeting cards are blank on the inside and on the back (unless otherwise specified), with the exception of a logo on the bottom back of each greeting card.

Do you ever offer free printables?

Yes! I do offer free printables, and other digital products, monthly. Sign up for my Freebie Library Club to get instant download access.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?
  1. Purchased templates, for use on Canva, are subject to Canva’s policies which can be found at https://www.canva.com/policies/
  2. From time to time I may use high end paid stock photography in my templates. In that event: “Ivory Mix is the copyright holder of the photos/videos. The photos/videos included within your (template/document/product) may only be used on this (template/document/product). You may not extract and use these photos outside of this (template/document/product). Should you want an extended license to use the photos in a different application, you may do so by purchasing them at Ivorymix.com or by becoming a member of the Ivory Mix Membership.” (affiliate link)
  3. By purchasing my downloadable files, you have agreed to my Terms of Use.

This FAQ page was last updated on 7/23/2023