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I’m a writer, blogger, artist, designer, crafter, DIYer, gardener, baker, animal lover, and mom of two boys.

Welcome! I’m Ruth!

I believe in crafting a life you love. Whether you are a writer, blogger, artist, crafter, or all around creative; I want to help you learn how to become successful with your craft, hobby, business, blog, and brand.

On this website I share free tips, information, resources, and more. Whether you are experienced at your craft, or just starting out; my hope is that you come away from my site having learned something positive and new.

About Me

I started “creating” at a young age when I took my first private art lesson at 6 or 7 years old. In High School I caught the writing bug when I was chosen to participate in a young writers program at Bates College in Maine. I went on to study Graphic Design, and graduated with a BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

I’ve worked as a graphic designer for a shoe company, a marketing communications firm, a mom-and-pop shop, and as a freelancer. When my oldest son was diagnosed with life threatening food allergies, I built a food allergy blog and directory to help other food allergy parents find the information they needed. In 2015 I sold my food allergy website so that I could focus more on my creative work.

Currently I spend my days writing, designing, creating, and sometimes gardening (when my seasonal allergies are in check). I also help others to build their own creative brands and businesses. I love what I do, and know how very lucky I am to be able to do it.

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Thanks so much for stopping by.

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