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    Lead Magnet Template Canva

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    Create your very own lead magnet! Better yet, create several! A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item that you give away for the purpose of gathering contact details. Lead magnets are a great way to grow your email list. This lead magnet template was designed to help you quickly create your very own products to give away or sell. Change the colors and fonts, add design elements, and make it your own. The best part is that the layout and design work has been done for you. Simply shop, download, and edit in Canva ( It’s that easy!


    • You can use this product to create your “own products” (free or for sale products) for personal use and client/customer use.
    • You can also resell this product as is and/or modified.
    • You can not giveaway these files/template links (as is) for free.
    • You can not trademark or copyright any elements included in these files.
    • The purpose of this product is for you to create your “own unique products” (free or for sale products) for personal use, for clients and customers, or to resell the original product.
    • You must have a Canva account (it’s free) to access and edit Canva templates.
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