Alltrue Bankruptcy Rumors – Is Alltrue Closing Down?

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This Alltrue post includes updates on the Alltrue bankruptcy rumors, and whether Alltrue is closing down permanently.

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Alltrue Spring 2022 Spoilers

Important Notice Regarding Alltrue

It has been brought to my attention that Alltrue may have filed for bankruptcy. (Thank you to commenter Samantha for the tip.) I have reached out to Alltrue to determine if this information is true, and to see how current customers will be handled. Unfortunately, I have not received a response. I will post back updates on any information I receive.

*Please be aware that as of 4/22/22 Alltrue has not made a statement regarding whether any of the following claims, statements, documents, or information is true. None of this information has been verified by Alltrue.

Is Alltrue Filing for Bankruptcy?

As I mentioned above, Alltrue has not responded to my emails. They have also not made a statement whether any information being shared is true. Following is some information that has been shared in two Reddit threads linked to and mentioned below.

“I worked at alltrue. Every employee was terminated with less than 24 hours notice last Tuesday April 12th.” Reddit poster 13579-13579

““Assignment for the benefit of creditors,” or ABC is a legal alternative to bankruptcy. Alltrue will work with a law firm that specialize in liquidating insolvent businesses. Basically, AT will liquidate its assets and pay off its creditors (for a percentage of what it is able to sell their assets for), while AT and its co-owners move forward with their lives. This option generally works well if the business is a corporation or LLC with a lot of debts and assets. A large liquidation can take months or years to wind up.” Reddit poster AllTrueAllLies

Is Alltrue Closing Down?

At this point, it is likely that Alltrue may be closing its doors. Following is what we do know.

  • As of 4/22/22 the “Reserve Now” box on the Alltrue website does not work and will not let you purchase a box or membership.
  • The last Instagram post on the Alltrue Instagram account was on 4/11/22.
  • The last Facebook post on the Alltrue Facebook account was on 4/10/22.
  • A final Twitter post on the Alltrue Twitter account was on 3/5/22.
  • Alltrue has not responded to my, and several other member, emails.

Where is This Information Coming From?

Reader Samantha shared a comment to a Reddit thread in the comments section of this post on 4/18/22. I read all of the posts in the thread and immediately contacted Alltrue for information and a response. I assumed that I would receive a prompt response if the information wasn’t true. If any of the information is true, I’m sure Alltrue can not respond for legal reasons.

Reddit poster AllTrueAllLies also shared the “Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors” information posted above. You can find that in this Reddit thread. She/he mentions in the thread that their sister in law is a corporate attorney. So it would seem that this person has access to more detailed and legal information. However, I can’t confirm that this information is 100% true.

Who Can I Contact at Alltrue?

I have reached out to Alltrue via email twice, at the following emails, since hearing about these allegations. As of 4/22/22, I have not received a response. Following are email addresses that are listed on the Alltrue website.

Membership, Shipping, and Customer Service


Media and Press

What Can I Do?

Here are some things you can do while you wait for more information surrounding this situation. I’m not a lawyer, so please don’t take this information or post as legal advice. These are just my thoughts for how to move forward. You can also do nothing and wait to see what happens with Alltrue.

Contact Alltrue

You can start by reaching out to Alltrue at the various email addresses listed above. However, understand that as of 4/22/22 I have not received a response from Alltrue. If you plan to pursue this via your credit card company, stating you’ve emailed Alltrue and have not received a response is a good first step.

Contact Your Credit Card Company

You can also contact the credit card company, or payment method, you used to pay for your membership. They might be able to help you with whether you can refuse any recent charges, or what steps you might need to take next. Several posters in the Reddit threads, linked above, shared that they were able to have success with their credit card companies.

Round Up Your Receipts

You may want make a file of any receipts, and take screenshots of your account pages as proof of your membership and what boxes you have left. For example, my membership page still lists my Spring 2022 box as awaiting shipment. The last live warehouse update is listed as March 30th and is titled “Spring Boxes are Shipping”.

Cancel Your Alltrue Membership

Lastly, you may want to cancel your membership all together. I have an annual membership and am still expecting three more boxes. Canceling my membership is not likely to affect these boxes. (Meaning per Alltrue terms I won’t receive a refund from them.) However, it should prevent any further charges from taking place. The FAQ section below covers how to cancel your Alltrue membership.

Final Thoughts on Alltrue

I want to share my final thoughts on Alltrue and this situation. I’m a paying member, just like many of you. I’ve been a member on and off since 2017, when Alltrue was Causebox. I have been a long time member because I truly enjoy the products, and the idea of supporting forward thinking businesses.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to shut their doors, or file for bankruptcy. The last 2 to 3 years have been rough for businesses what with Covid, shipping issues and delays, manufacturing difficulties, rising gas prices, etc. Those things I understand and can empathize with.

However, like many of you, I am disappointed and frustrated. Most companies don’t dissolve overnight. It’s unfortunate that Alltrue continued forward with advertising, marketing, and selling a Spring box that many members are unlikely to receive. On the other hand, perhaps Alltrue was hoping for a boom in membership this Spring season so that they could keep their doors open. Either way, it’s a lesson learned.

Going forward, I will continue to support the subscription boxes and products that I love. Perhaps with a little more research regarding company financials when possible. I also plan to shop more locally, and support artisan and forward thinking companies directly. I hope you consider doing the same.

Feel free to use the comments section to share any other Alltrue updates you hear, or other sustainable products and companies you love. A special thank you to commenter Samantha, and Reddit poster AllTrueAllLies for sharing this information with us.

Frequently Asked Questions.

This FAQ section is a brief overview of common questions that are often asked. These questions also cover the history of Alltrue, for those who are not familiar. Keep in mind that as of 4/22/22, you can no longer purchase an Alltrue membership. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Is Causebox now Alltrue?

Yes, Causebox is now Alltrue. Causebox made the brand switch to Alltrue to better represent their broader commitment to providing members more ways to expand their social and environmental consciousness.

When did Causebox become Alltrue?

Causebox made the brand switch to Alltrue in May 2021.

Who owns Alltrue?

Matt Richardson and Brett McCollum are the co-founders of Alltrue. They both live in California.

How does Alltrue work?

Alltrue offers two different types of memberships; seasonal memberships and annual memberships. All members receive a quarterly subscription box filled with 6-8 curated products for that particular season.

How much does Alltrue Cost?

Alltrue costs $54.95 + tax for annual members, and $59.95 + tax for quarterly (seasonal) members. Free shipping is available in the contiguous USA. Shipping is $7.95 to Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories.

When do Alltrue boxes ship?

Alltrue boxes generally ship within the first two to four weeks of the season. Winter boxes ship in December, Spring boxes ship in March, Summer boxes ship in June, and Fall boxes ship in September.

Is Alltrue Easy to Cancel?

Yes! If you decide to take a break, or aren’t enjoying your box, Alltrue is super easy to cancel. Simply use your Alltrue login to log into your account. Go to the “My Account” section, click on “Subscriptions”, scroll to “Subscription Plans”, click on the 3 dots and select “Unsubscribe”. Should you have any questions, you can always contact customer service. They are always friendly and easy to work with.

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    1. I just attempted to log in to Alltrue but the website disappeared. Have not received my Spring Box and am waiting on several market orders. A couple of months ago I received an email offering to extend my subscription for another year (from Summer 2022) at the same subscription price and did so. Boy, do I feel dumb now!

      1. Pam – I’m so sorry to hear that. Please don’t feel dumb. Unfortunately these things happen with companies. Many of us are in the same situation/position. Try calling your credit card company to see if they will do a charge back.

    2. What gets me…this was supposed to be this amazing zen type vibe….helping women ect… consciences….the planet..and to turn around and behave in a way that completely contradicted just about everything they stood for ie; the alltrue flag. Yeah ok right…BS!
      It may sound crazy but I feel really betrayed. I’ve been with alltrue for 2 yrs…..and the add ons ..the upgrades ,I got em all. And the same people who can blow your phone up with ads every other day ….can’t put together a 2 paragraph page letting us know *transparency remember they mentioned they would be*….that’s not only wrong it shows a complete lack of respect and zero gratitude for all who supported the company. This really makes me feel like I can’t trust anything anymore.

      1. Laura – I completely agree with everything you wrote. It does feel like a big betrayal. Forbes recently wrote a short piece on the situation. One of the founders stated that he is unable to comment except to say that they are closing. I’m sure there are legal reasons behind that. It will be interesting to see what sort of message, if any, is eventually released.

      1. Janice – I checked my Alltrue account and Spring boxes started shipping end of March.

        From an Alltrue message dated 3/30/22:
        “Spring Boxes have begun shipping! We’re currently on track to ship nearly all Spring ’22 Boxes by mid-May. Only one caveat: While Spring Boxes customized to include Sembla’s Crinkle Cotton Bed Blanket have begun shipping, some boxes with this item may ship into late May. Choice+ purchases of this item are also subject to the same estimated timeframe.”

        It’s not uncommon for subscription boxes (that offer customization) to take a month or more to ship. They aren’t shipped upon order, like most individual purchases are. Covid has also caused supply and shipping problems for companies the past two years.

        You can always log into your Alltrue account for message updates and tracking information. If you don’t see further updates, and don’t receive your box by mid to late May; you can certainly reach out to Alltrue customer service. Personally, I’ve never not received my box. However, I completely understand wanting to receive it sooner. I hope the information helps, and that you love your Alltrue box when you receive it.

        1. Samantha – thanks for stopping by and sharing the Alltrue reddit thread and information. This is the first I’ve heard of this, and I still have access to my account. I’ve reached out to Alltrue to see if they have any comment. I’ve made a note at the top of this post regarding this, and will post back as soon as I hear any more details.

          1. You can’t even subscribe to a box and all their socials have not been updated since April 11th. I will be calling my bank immediately.

            1. Lauren – I have not received any response from my emails to Alltrue. I have taken screenshots of pages of my account. I encourage others to do the same. And yes, contact your credit card company to see what your options are. The entire situation is definitely disappointing.

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