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Free Procreate Brushes for Hand Lettering 101

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Free Procreate Brushes Hand Lettering

Free Procreate brushes can help you to take your art and hand lettering a long way.

Procreate is a powerful digital illustration app for IPad. It’s packed with brushes, painting effects, and even offers intuitive gestures options.

However, after using Procreate for a while, you might want to add to your brush collection. That’s where free Procreate brushes come in.

Following is a unique selection of free Procreate brushes offered by various designers.

Procreate Brushes by Missy Meyer

Writer, cartoonist, and designer Missy Meyer offers up a large variety of free Procreate brushes. From thick and thin, to dry and chalkboard style brushes; Missy gives you a lot of options. Check them out on her website MissyMeyer.com.

Free Procreate Brushes Missy Meyer

Rad & Happy Procreate Brushes

Hand letterer and designer Tara, from Rad & Happy, shares the Procreate brushes she uses on her website Rad & Happy. She also offers a hand lettering 101 video to help you out with your own hand lettering.

Free Procreate Brushes Rad & Happy

Procreate Brush Box Volume 01 – Hand Lettering

Click here and you can get one hand lettering brush from Petra Burger for free.

It’s part of a full collection of 21 Procreate hand lettering brushes that can be found here.

Free Procreate Brushes Box Vol 01

Comic Ink Brush Set

Georg offers a great Comic Ink Brush Set that includes more than 16 brushes. Up your creativity with these cool options.

Free Procreate Brushes Comic Ink Brush Set

Fabian Fischer Procreate Brushes

Fabian Fischer offer four, free, pressure sensitive, Procreate brushes here. Pressure sensitive brushes give you realistic and textured strokes. These brushes are free to use for personal AND commercial use.

Free Procreate Brushes Fabian Fischer

Ipad Lettering Procreate Brushes

Download a variety of Procreate brushes for free from IpadLettering.com. You can also pick up some hand lettering tips from various tutorials offered on the site.

Free Procreate Brushes Ipad Lettering

Lemonade Brush for Procreate

Pick up the Lemonade Brush from TheLemonadeStore.com. The Lemonade Store also offers free hand lettering practice sheets to help you with hand lettering on paper.

Free Procreate Brushes Lemonade

I hope you enjoy using all of these free Procreate brushes. Make sure you bookmark this post and check back often. I’ll add new brush options as I come across them.

And be sure to check out the Art and Design section of this website for more art and design tips.

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    1. I appreciate how you have guided me to not only free brushes, but you have introduced me to incredible new artists! Thank you!!

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