New Year = New Goals = No Resolutions

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It’s a New Year! Time for resolutions. Or not.

You see, I prefer to look at the new year as a time for goal setting. Why take one day, or month, out of an entire year and make a resolution? Why set yourself up for failure? Instead, why not set goals for yourself that you can adjust throughout the year? Why not set yourself up for success?

Goals are more achievable when you 1. break them down into small chunks, and 2. share them publicly. Apparently sharing makes one more accountable.

So following is a list of my business and life goals for 2017. I hope they inspire you to make your own list.

Business Goals

With a husband, two dogs, and two active teenage boys; I live a very busy life. I need to be better at time management. AND I need to work on my business more.

I LOVE writing and I LOVE creating. Family is important to me. However, I am important to.

My business goals are as follows:

  • Create more content for my blog.
  • Create more art work.
  • Connect more on social media.

I will reach my business goals by:

  • Creating three pieces of unique content a week for my blog.
  • Creating one piece of art work a week.
  • Picking two social media platforms to spend time connecting on weekly.

Some bloggers like to create an editorial calendar. This helps them to organize posts on a daily or weekly basis. I can see how this might be helpful. But it’s not for me. I write better when I write about what I want to write about, in the moment. It might be a new art product I’ve discovered, a new recipe I’m working on, or a great new DIY project I just have to share. So for now, I’ll focus on creating more content. But I won’t restrict myself by what kind of content that has to be.

Life Goals

Business goals are important. However, life goals are definitely MORE important. Life is short. You have to find a life/work balance that works for you. And you must make sure you are living a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life.

My life goals are as follows:

  • Putting my health first.
  • Letting things go.
  • Spending time on what I want to spend time on.

I will reach my life goals by:

  • Eating healthier foods, exercising more, AND sleeping more.
  • Taking a deep breath, determining how important an issue or situation is, and letting it go.
  • Saying NO, more and walking away from people or situations I don’t want to be involved in.

Life goals can be tough. However it’s important, to your overall well being, to focus on what it is you need. I stay up late and get little sleep. This tends to snowball in my life. It leads me to feeling sluggish, not wanting to exercise, and to making poor eating choices. I know that I need to put my health first, in order to feel 100%.

I also have a habit of letting things get to me. I’m an extremely empathetic person who strongly believes in right and wrong. Not a great combination. I find that I am regularly disappointed by people’s selfish and bad behavior. Some things are worth standing up against and advocating for. Some things I just need to let go. I need to recognize that I can’t change others or how they act, and move on.

This leads me to saying no more, which I am getting better at, and walking away from negative situations and people. Too often we say yes because we are too afraid to say no. And far too often we keep relationships that should have ended years ago. The reality is, you are your own best advocate. People WILL take advantage of you, if you let them. Learn to say no. And learn to walk away from relationships that do not fulfill you.

These are my goals for 2017. Or at least, the beginning of 2017. The great thing about goals is that you can update them as time goes on. Reach a goal? Set a new one. And if you don’t reach a goal, don’t be too hard on yourself. Maybe you weren’t ready for that goal. Break it down into smaller parts, set a new goal, and move on.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, and fulfilling New Year!






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