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This year we are excited to try a new product for our garden. The Wall O Water.

The Wall O Water is a product designed to help gardeners start their season a littler earlier in the spring. In it’s most basic form, it’s a plastic tepee composed of individual cells you fill with water. During the day, the water in the cells heats up creating a mini green house in the center of the tepee. At night, heat from the water is released and helps keep the plant inside warm and toasty. Think of it as a solar blanket for your tomato transplants. The goal is the ability to set your plants outside 6-8 weeks earlier than you normally would, protecting your plants to 16 degrees F. The end result is an earlier harvest.

With a last frost date of around Memorial day, or end of May, in Massachusetts-readers have set their Wall O Waters out in the first weeks of April with a harvest, of an early variety tomato, the first weeks of July.

The Wall O Water comes in a three pack and is available in the $8 to $12 range at various retailers.

Coming up-an article on a DIY Wall O Water that costs just pennies.

Do you have a Wall O Water in your garden or a unique garden tip? Visit our forums and let us know about it or post it in the comments section below.

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