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A Creative Blog Names List: Cool Blog Name Ideas

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Creative Blog Names List

Looking for a creative blog names list? This post covers how to come up with a blog name, best blog names available, plus cool blog name ideas.

If you are thinking about starting a blog, you’ve likely researched a variety of blog names. You probably even landed on this post in your search for unique and creative blog names.

Why a creative blog name?

Your blog name is the first piece of information that identifies you, your blog, and your brand.

For more information on branding, see my post: How to Build a Successful Brand.

Your blog name is usually in your URL (web address), and it’s displayed prominently at the top of your blog. You want your name to stand out, and you want readers to remember you. A powerful name, and awesome content, will keep readers coming back to your blog.

How to Come Up With a Blog Name

There are several steps involved in coming up with the perfect blog name. The first step is to make sure your name resonates with you. If you don’t love your blog name, you may regret it later. The next steps are optional. However, they will help you to fine tune your blog name ideas.

The Best Blog Names Are:
  • Unique
  • Short and Simple
  • Niche Related
  • Audience Focused
  • Catchy

Following are some tips to help you come up with a list of creative names for your blog.

Creative Blog Names are Unique

If you want your blog to stand out, choose a unique name.

Think about your niche, what you plan to blog about, and what words best represent you and your brand. Brainstorm and create a list of all of these words. Combine words to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Have a favorite word or phrase that’s already being used? Think about utilizing common words, but in a different language. Just make sure it fits in with your brand.

The Best Blog Names are Short and Simple

The best blog names are short, simple, easy to read, and easy to type.

Have you ever struggled with typing in a blog name because it was too long? Yeah, me too. If your name is difficult to read, or difficult to type, you will lose visitors. Long words, stop words, uncommon words; they are all a recipe for disaster.

Type out all of your blog name ideas. How do they look without spaces? That’s what it will look like in your URL (web address).

Is your name easy to say and easy to spell? Be careful with tricky letters and words.

You can have a unique and creative blog name. Just keep it short and simple.

Keep Your Niche or Topic in Mind

Cool Blog Name Ideas

Having a niche or topic specific blog name will go a long way to getting you noticed right away.

See my post Niche Website Ideas for more information on niche blogging.

You certainly can have a distinct name, that doesn’t indicate what your niche is. However, keep in mind that people will not know what you blog about, until you are well known.

What about your own name as your blog name or URL?

Again, people won’t know what you blog about, until you are well known. However, if YOU are your brand, it definitely makes sense to use your own name.

As you can see from this blog, I use my own name. That is because I am a writer, blogger, artist, and designer; and want to be known by name. This is part of my long term plan, goals, and overall brand.

Think long and hard about your choice of niche. If you think you might want to blog about several topics down the line, don’t settle on a blog name that only represents one.

For example, if you plan to blog about a variety of cooking styles; don’t choose Betty Baker as your blog name. Otherwise, readers might think that you only blog about baking.

Think About Your Audience

Try to spend some time and think long and hard about who your ideal reader is. Is your ideal reader male, female, younger, older, middle class? These questions, and answers, will help you to target not only your blog name but also your blog content.

For example, a young mom (just starting out) is likely interested in different parenting topics than an older mom with teens.

If you create your own vegan recipes, you want to reach other vegans. Therefore, Tasty Recipes isn’t going to cut it. However, My Tasty Vegan Recipes is going to connect you to your audience much faster.

Consider Using Catchy Power Words

Creative Names for Blogs Kapow

Power words are words that evoke an emotion. What do you want people to feel when they hear, or type, your blog name?

Some examples of power words are: decadent, breathtaking, budget, and healthy. What do you think about when you hear those words?

Healthy Food or Healthy Recipes gives more information, and makes for better food blog names, than Ray’s Recipes.

Just make sure that any power words you use relate to your niche, audience, and overall tone/writing style. For example, don’t use the word “witty” if you aren’t the humorous type.

Research Your Blog Name Ideas

Once you’ve developed a creative blog names list, be sure to do an internet search for those particular blog name ideas.

  1. So you don’t duplicate what someone has already come up with.
  2. Because your unique name might have a completely different meaning.

Case in point. Years ago I started my first blog. I was into green living and organic gardening. Therefore, I came up with the very creative blog name (or so I thought) Green Peony. Green for green living, and Peony because it is my favorite flower.

I was so happy with my name, and even more thrilled that the URL GreenPeony.com was available. I started blogging right away.

A couple of months in I did an internet search, for Green Peony, to see if my blog was ranking. Guess what I learned?

Apparently Green Peony is a type of tea. And people who were searching for Green Peony were looking for tea. Who knew?

Anyway, I believe in making lemonade out of lemons and decided to write a post about Green Peony tea, as the topic was not too far off from green living and organic gardening.

My point is, don’t make the same mistake I did. Research your creative blog names before choosing one.

Try a Blog Name Generator

How to come up with a blog name

There are blog title generators, and there are even blog name generators.

A blog name generator will give you numerous creative blog name suggestions. Simply type in a few keywords and get your results.

Some blog name generators to try are:

Name Generator: input adjectives and verbs that relate to your niche, as well as your name and where you live. Then get a list of cool blog name ideas. One suggestion I got was Confessions of a Blogging Freak, which I think is pretty cool.

Nameboy: input your niche, or keywords, and get a list of potential blog name ideas. The keyword “blogging” yielded results like “affordable blogging”, “blogging world”, and more. Use those ideas to search for new results.

Panabee: Panabee states that it works best with two words. I entered “affordable blogging” and got options like “affordablebloggity” and “afoblogging”. Panabee merges verbs and vowels, swaps words, and drop syllables to create cute blog names.

Remember That Blog Names are Final – Sort Of

I feel that I should mention that once you choose and purchase a blog name, it’s final. The URL you purchase cannot be changed. However, if you do change your mind; there are some workarounds.

Keep Your Blog Domain Name and URL

You can keep your blog URL and simply change the blog name on your website. This will work if your web address is a little bit generic, or if it’s your name. However, you wouldn’t want to change your website name to Tammy’s Travel Tips and keep your URL TammysTastyTreats.com. In this case, you would want to purchase a new domain name. Unless you are super creative and cover eating while traveling. Then you could definitely merge the two.

Change Your Blog Domain Name and URL

You can change your blog name, and URL, by purchasing a new domain name. Then you can either start a completely new blog, and keep or leave the old one. Or you can upload your old blog content onto your new blog.

Please keep in mind that there is more work involved with uploading your old content to your new blog. You’ll want to consider redirecting the old blog pages to the new ones, and basically shut down the old blog. Otherwise, you’ll end up with potential duplicate content issues with search engines.

Creative Blog Name Examples + A Cool Blog Name Idea List

It’s hard to give a list of names that will cover every topic or niche. You can see from my story above, the process that goes into choosing a creative blog name. However, you can use the additional tips below to see if you can come up with the name of your dreams.

Do an internet search for topics you plan to write about. Then take a look at the various blog name ideas. Which ones stand out to you? Why do you find them unique, or boring?

For example, I like names that are two simple words that start with the same letter. They just seem catchy and easier to remember.

  • Perfect Parent
  • DIY Diva
  • Willow’s Writing

Some bloggers have been successful with keywords and power words, like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income. His blog name is simple, easy to type, and flows. It doesn’t feel keyword stuffed. Which is something you definitely want to avoid. Some other examples are:

  • Beginner Blogging Tips
  • Money Making Mama
  • Organic Vegetable Gardening

Try to avoid stop words in your URL. Stop words like “the”, “a”, “an”, and “in” are considered useless words from a search engine perspective. Plus they increase the length of your URL. While you can certainly use stop words in the title at the top of your blog, try to avoid them in your web address. Keep this tip in mind when coming up with your blog name.

Existing Creative Blog Names List by Niche

Following are some already existing creative names for blogs. I’ve organized them by niche to make it easier for you. Use these cool blog name ideas to create your own unique blog name.

Food Blog Name Ideas

Pinch of Yum, Smitten Kitchen, Cookie + Kate, Gluten Free Girl, Love and Lemons, Budget Bytes, Two Peas and Their Pod, Brown Eyed Baker.

Lifestyle Blog Names Ideas List

A Cup of Jo, What the Chung, Ape to Gentleman, Thirteen Thoughts, Pumps and Iron, Positively Present, Where’s Molly, Katie Did What, Love and Loathing.

Photography Blog Names

Feature Shoot, PixSylated, The PhoBlographer, PhotoFocus, Click it Up a Notch, Fstoppers, Contrastly.

Beauty Blog Names + Makeup Blog Names

A Model Recommends, Maskcara, The RaeViewer, Beauty Banter, She’s in the Glow, Beauty is Boring, I Covet Thee.

Fashion Blog Name Ideas

The Sartorialist, Style Craze, Chronicles of Her, Girl with Curves, Hello Fashion, Lust for Life, One Dapper Street, Wide Eyed Legless, What My Boyfriend Wore.

Travel Names Ideas

The Wanderlust Project, Almost Fearless, The Blonde Abroad, Adventurous Kate, Amateur Traveler, Backpacking Matt, Borders of Adventure.

DIY Blogs Home Decor

Apartment Therapy, Damask Love, Remodelaholic, Lovely Indeed, Paper and Stitch, PS I Made This, Vintage Revivals, Design Sponge.

Cool Craft Names

Craft Gossip, CraftGawker, Tip Junkie, A Girl and a Glue Gun, Fave Crafts, Modge Podge Rocks, The Crafty Blog Stalker.

Money and Living on a Budget Blog Names

Wise Bread, The Simple Dollar, The Penny Hoarder, Budgets are Sexy, Making Sense of Cents, Careful Cents, Afford Anything, Debt Free Guys.

Health and Fitness Blogs

Blogilates, Hungry Runner Girl, Fit Bottomed Girls, Carrots N Cake, Fitness on Toast, Breaking Muscle, Love Sweat Fitness, Run to the Finish.

Best Blog Names Available: Check Your Blog Name

Hopefully, after reading this post, you have created your own creative blog names list. The next step is to see if your creative blog name is available.

Type your blog name in the box below and click the green availability button to find out!

I hope this post has given you some blog name inspiration. Have your own cool blog name ideas? Let us know in the comments section. And if you haven’t started your blog yet, make sure you check out my how to start blogging page. It’s full of a ton of resources to help you get your blog up and running.

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