1. Thanks Tiffany! Remember, logos can evolve and change over time. Never be afraid to tweak what you already have.

  2. Such great ideas! I wish I read this before creating my logo. They can be so time consuming and you often find yourself second guessing whether you like it or not. Having a resource to direct you along the way is so helpful!

  3. I have designed simple logos, but I’ve also worked in marketing for years so have worked with many designers to design logos and other assets for companies. I really enjoy it!

  4. I have already a logo but this post is a great help for those who are starting out to make a logo and what they should focus on when making one. Thank you for this blog post.

  5. Juhita,

    I’m glad you liked the post. Thanks so much for commenting! Best of luck with your logo design.

  6. Melissa,

    My current hourly freelance design rate is $75. I also have a flat fee logo option that involves 3 rough logo sketches, then a final logo of your choice. Feel free to email me if you have further interest.

    I know a lot of bloggers and small businesses hire freelancers off of freelancer sites. Usually these logos are much more inexpensive. However, sometimes these logos are not 100% original and include stock images, etc. Which means you may end up with a similar logo to someone else out there.

    Just keep in mind, that when hiring any designer, you want to make sure they have the right to use the fonts and images in your logo or that the logo is 100% completely original work.

  7. Thank you for this post. I have been toying with the idea of creating a logo and hadn’t thought of the points you mentioned. Will definitely keep them in mind while creating the design to make it affordable to use.

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