How to Master Your Craft

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Have you discovered your passion yet? Now it’s time to master your craft. The key to mastering your craft is in researching, learning, and growing.

Have you discovered your passion yet? Maybe you used the last post Creative and Craft Businesses that Make Money to help you narrow down your list. You know, you can have more than one passion in life. AND your passions can change as you learn and grow. There are no rules when it comes to doing what you love.

Master Your Craft

Now it’s time to master your craft. The key to mastering your craft is in researching, learning, and growing.

Thinking about your current life, what creative passion cries out to you? What ideas give you an aha moment?

Is it writing, drawing, photography, designing, blogging, traveling, gardening, singing, public speaking, teaching, mentoring, playing a sport, or one of a million other ideas?

Whatever your passion is, you can learn more about it. You can make it your hobby. You can even turn it into a profitable business, if you so choose. Set aside time to enjoy, work on, and grow your passion.

Research and Practice

Research your new passion, learn as much as you can, then practice.

What if your passion is something creative like drawing, painting, or photography?

You can do research through reading, watching online how to videos, and taking online or in person classes.

What if your passion is sports related?

You can still do research through reading and watching online how to videos. Then join a sports team, league, or take a class.

There are numerous places to learn how to improve your skill set. Type “how to….” in any search engine or YouTube. You can also check out sites like MasterClass and CreativeLive for a variety of creative classes.

Next we’ll cover how to build your business.

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