Best Blog Niche List: 9 Types of Blogs That Make Money

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Blog Niche List

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This blog niche list covers 9 types of blogs that make money. These niche ideas are the best niches for blogging, if you want to make money with your blog.

If you are interested in starting a blog, and even more interested in making money blogging, then this blog niche list post is for you.

Choosing a blog niche is one of the first, and most important, things you can do to ensure that you are a successful blogger. Your “niche” is the category or topic you write about. For example, if you run a parenting blog; your niche is parenting.

While you can make money with almost any niche, I want to help you gain financial independence. You can get there faster by focusing on specific niche ideas that make money.

To learn more about building a blog vs a niche website, see my post on niche website ideas.

Blog Niche List: 9 Blog Niches That Make Money

These are the best niches for blogging for money. By money, I mean the most money for your efforts. Does this mean you can’t make money outside of these niches? Of course not. You can make money in almost any niche. However, some are easier than others.

List of Niches
  1. How to Make Money
  2. Budgeting and How to Save
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Parenting
  5. Personal Development
  6. Health and Fitness
  7. Cooking and Recipes
  8. Travel and Vacations
  9. Beauty and Fashion

This list is to keep you informed and get you started on your blogging journey. If you find that you are not interested in this profitable niches list, I have some other great blog ideas for you below.

Blog Niches That Make Money

1. How to Make Money

One of the most profitable blog niches is the how to make money niche. It is also an extremely popular blog niche.

These days everyone wants to learn how to make money. Therefore a lot of bloggers are writing about it. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

If you like the idea of helping others, and have an interest in how to make money; this blog niche might be for you.

Pat Flynn, from Smart Passive Income, is a great example of a successful how to make money blogger. After ten years of blogging, he is bringing in six figures a month. Click on Smart Passive Income to see the income reports that he shares publicly.

2. Budgeting and How to Save

Personal finance is a hot topic. People want to learn how to save money as much as they want to learn how to make money.

If you are interested in budgeting, couponing, and other ways to save money; this niche is for you.

The Penny Hoarder, founded by Kyle Taylor in 2010, is a fast growing and high income generating blog in this niche.

3. Lifestyle Blog

The lifestyle niche is a bit of an open ended and broad niche. Many bloggers choose the lifestyle niche when they want to blog about numerous topics, without nicheing down too much.

Homesteading is a popular lifestyle topic that might cover anything and everything related to caring for your home in a self sufficient and sustainable way. Think cooking, recipes, farming, canning, food preservation, sewing, etc.

There are also lifestyle brands. For example, Oprah and Martha Stewart are popular lifestyle brands. Heather Armstrong, of Dooce, is considered a bit of a lifestyle blogger and has had great success.

4. Parenting Blog

Parenting can certainly fall under the lifestyle umbrella. However, it’s a big enough category to be considered its own niche.

If you are a parent, you probably have parenting advice and tips to share. The parenting niche is a popular one because there are so many parents looking for parenting tips and advice. It’s a profitable niche because there are literally millions of products and companies geared towards parents.

Carly from Mommy on Purpose has been extremely successful with her parenting blog. Last I checked, she was making high four figures a month.

5. Personal Development

Personal development is a niche that covers a variety of topics. If you choose this broad category, you’ll likely want to niche down.

For example, maybe you have experience with ADHD, or depression, or mindset. These are all personal development topics. If you are a lifestyle coach, a personal development blog might be a great addition to your existing business.

ADDitude is a great blog that focuses strictly on ADHD, and does it very well.

6. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness is a great niche as it covers a variety of topics. You can write about healthy eating, diets, weight loss, fitness tips, and more. You can also choose to niche down and focus on a specific sub niche within the health and fitness niche.

Fit Bottomed Girls has had huge success by coming up with a unique blog name, and message, within the health and fitness niche.

7. Cooking and Recipes

Cooking and recipes is another broad niche that can cover a variety of topics and diets. If you love desserts, you can have a desserts blog. If you are vegan, you can start a vegan blog. The ideas here are endless.

Alisa Fleming, founder of Go Dairy Free, has been extremely successful with her dairy free blog. So successful that she has her own cookbooks.

8. Travel and Vacations

Everyone loves a good vacation. What if you could travel and make money doing it? That’s how many travel and vacation bloggers start out.

There are numerous niche ideas here. Top blog topics include traveling with kids, solo traveling, or covering a specific destination like Disney World. If you love to travel and have great travel ideas and tips, you may want to consider this niche.

Monica from The Travel Hack has been able to make money traveling and writing about it. One website listed that she makes as much as $10,000 a month.

9. Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion is another popular niche with bloggers. This category covers a variety of topics from makeup, to skin care, to hair care, to fashion tips and more. You can even cover kids fashion and be successful.

If you are a beauty or fashion queen; then this niche is for you. Bonus points if you don’t mind creating how to videos and sharing them on YouTube. Many beauty bloggers make thousands of dollars a month through their videos alone.

Rachel from RCLBeauty101 has made over $20,000 a month sharing beauty tips on YouTube.

Other Great Niche Website Ideas

If the above blog niche list didn’t get you excited, maybe these great niche ideas will. You can still be a successful blogger with less popular topics. However, you may need to work a little harder at it.

Profitable Niches List

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts is a huge niche that covers hundreds of categories. If you knit, and are good at it, consider a knitting blog. Or maybe you do crafts with your kids all day. Kid’s crafts is a popular category within the arts and crafts niche.

Just keep in mind that these are specific niches with a very targeted audience. What this means is that you may reach less people. However, the good news is that these people are looking for exactly what you are writing about.

Do It Yourself – DIY

DIY is another popular niche that you can be successful with. Popular blog topics range from home projects, to furniture building, to lifestyle hacks.

Ana White has been extremely successful in this niche. She offers free DIY plans for a variety of projects.

If you are a do it yourselfer, this is your niche.

Tech and Gaming

The tech and gaming industry is a huge and lucrative industry. Many bloggers have been extremely successful with review sites. The key here is reviewing products openly and honestly. There are a ton of sites and posts that have a little content, with the aim of making an affiliate sale. Create better content, and your site will be more successful.

Sports and Recreation

Sports and recreation is huge in the United States. Whether it’s golfing or youth sports; the ideas here are endless.

If you are well versed in a sport, you can offer tips and coaching advice on your blog. You can even create quick coaching videos for You Tube, Instagram, and Facebook.

How Niche Bloggers Make Money

Now that you’ve narrowed down your niche, you probably want to know how all of these successful bloggers make money.

There are numerous ways bloggers can make money. Some bloggers choose one path, and some choose multiple paths. It’s completely up to you which path you take.

Great Niche Ideas

Following are some ideas:


One of the easiest ways to make money on your blog is with ads. You join an ad network, put code onto your website, and make money based on clicks and/or impressions. While there is little work involved, you need a lot of website traffic to make substantial money with ads.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is recommending a product, and making a commission when someone purchases that product, through your affiliate link. You need to join an affiliate company like ShareASale to get access to companies you want to recommend. Then you need to add those affiliate links into your posts. The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is with a review, or with product information posts.

For more information on affiliate marketing, see my post on high paying affiliate programs.


You can make money, with your blog, by selling your own products. These products could be guides, templates, e-books, patterns, physical products, and so on. If you can create it, you can sell it. There are thousands of bloggers, that make thousands of dollars, selling a product. If they can do it, you can too!

For more information on selling your own products, see my post WordPress WooCommerce Storefront.


If you have a service to offer, you can make money with your blog. Services include graphic design work, freelance writing, consulting, virtual assistant work, and more. Be sure to create a services and contact page on your blog so that people are aware of what services you offer.

Memberships and Directories

Blogs are free to use and free to read. However, many bloggers offer paid memberships where readers can access extra and premium content. You might also want to consider a directory where individuals can pay for directory listings on your blog. For example, if you run a travel blog; travel related companies might want to purchase a listing to advertise their product or services.

These are the main ways bloggers make money with their blogs, for more information see my post on how to make extra money.

How to Become a Successful Niche Blogger

Becoming a successful blogger takes long hours and hard work. You will not reach financial independence overnight. However, if you are willing to put in the time and the work; you can get there.

Profitable Niches with Low Competition

The keys to becoming successful are:

  • Treat your blog like a business.
  • Put in the time and effort daily, weekly, and annually.
  • Create a blog, content, and money making plan.
  • Identify your ideal reader and their needs.
  • Write keyword researched and search engine optimized posts regularly.
  • Share your posts via e-mail and social media often.
  • Make sure that you are always servicing your ideal reader.
  • Invest in your blog and yourself with blogging courses and tools.

Visit my Blogging Resources page for information on the resources and tools that I use to run a successful blog.

Blog Niche List Conclusion

I hope you’ve found this list helpful. Starting a blog can be a fun and lucrative hobby or business. You just have to have a positive mindset, and be willing to put in the work. I’ve given you the tips and steps to get there. Now YOU are ready to build your own profitable blog.

To get started, check out my post how to start a blog for detailed instructions, tips, and help. You can also check out my how to start blogging page for additional tips and resources on all things blogging.

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